Nice Guys finish last. Good Guys always win.
— E. LaRue

The New Yorker from Texas, Elliott LaRue is an actor, singer, writer, dancer and producer. Influenced at an early age by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Hall and Oates, Billy Joel and Jay Z, Elliott makes his music with a nasty beat and a strong message, all as part of his live theater and event experiences.

" Close your eyes, Fly into Forever."  

Screen shot from In My City.

Screen shot from In My City.

Artist and Entertainer Elliott LaRue is a modern Renaissance Man. Not only is Elliott a singer, actor, writer, producer, and dancer, Elliott is also a host for events, including Daybreaker and A Taste of D.C., one of the largest food festivals in America. He produces and hosts his own events and theatre pieces throughout New York City with his own company Entertainment Love and Culture (ELC Presents…).

(Check out what DAYBREAKER is all about in this video chronicle of the last party we did floating on the Hudson. If you haven't heard about this community yet, now is your chance to get on board. They have even made me the first artist they have supported with my In My City project, which is so awesome!)

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Elliott began his love affair with NYC while completing a BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Over a decade of experiences later, including surviving the 9/11 attacks, running from the South Tower, Elliott has plenty to pull from. You’ll find the city plays a role in his music and plays like any other friend or foe; casting a bright light on this Peter Pan generation of inventors, floaters, and destroyers. Elliott’s music is a departure from the club-centric lyrics plaguing the airwaves. This sound is something different.

Elliott LaRue has a variety of skills that have allowed him to appear on stages from The Plaza and the Waldorf-Astoria Ballrooms for dignitaries and events, to Scotland for his writing and acting.  He has played all over the East Coast, including the legendary Stone Pony in New Jersey and New York’s The Bitter End with the collaborative rock and blues outfit ippazzi as well as for other bands and djs as emcee or lead vocalist.

Elliott also recently returned to the acting stage when he performed in the play Summer Blue, from the artistic group loudSol of which he is also a member. 

Currently, Elliott is preparing to release his project In My City, a unique art and club experience serving as an introduction to an evolved sound, message and focus. In My City will also have a short film directed by award winning director Aron Baxter and culminates with a live theater experience with visual art and music.