Life and Death walk side by side, every moment in life is about choices.

Currently, Elliott is preparing to release his project In My City, a unique art and club experience serving as an introduction to an evolved sound, message and focus. In My City will also have a short film directed by award winning director Aron Baxter and culminates with a live theater experience with visual art and music.

In My City is a one man show based on the life and music of emerging Artist and Entertainer Elliott LaRue. In My City explores the world of a young artist trying to discover his voice in the pursuit of real meaning from the life changing events that have unfolded around him. Through music, video, dance and a series of monologues and poems, In My City is the culmination of a 15 year journey through New York City. It comments on the role of art vs. the entertainment industry, and explores the role of family, love and happiness in a world obsessed with looking at itself.

Art by Aron Baxter

Art by Aron Baxter

Elliott grew up in Ft. Worth, Texas and moved to New York City to attend NYU. On 9/11, Elliott was a survivor of the attacks on the Twin Towers, escaping the South Tower as he was on his way to school. The event changes his life, and the direction of his future.

“From the time we learned to communicate as a species, we have been telling stories. We have created myths and legends, funny and dramatic, with each new medium to prove that we existed and left a mark somewhere in the world. Social media has opened the door for every person to more fully tell their story and partake in the creation of self in a way usually reserved for artists. They are creating their own reality show in a sense. Image and branding are the results of a culture built on competition and repetition. Exposure brings about “normal” and perpetuates on itself. Celebrities become an obsession because they seem larger than life, yet they are just like you and me. When social media and celebrity obsessed culture dominate the minds of a country, what reality do we create for ourselves and what stories do we present to the world? We live in a time where we can speak to millions and borders are disappearing. We are now all on display. What do we do with this power? What do you say to a world audience?  How does a man speak a message of hope when the world is yelling? In a time where everyone is supposed to be pursuing happiness and communication is so easy and varied, why do we feel so much unease about where we are going?"

In My City is a collaborative project seeking to tell a shared story and ask the question what does it take to be your true self? It includes music, graphic art, dance and theater to create a world of exploration and expansion, with an eye towards our common unity.